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THE PROCESS - The full big band was tracked live to a Sony/MCI 2-inch 24-track @ 30 ips without vocals or solos using the CLASP (Closed Loop Analog Signal Processing System). The CLASP allows the analog tape deck to record and simultaneously play back into Pro Tools HDX. All the overdubs of vocals, horn solos, auxiliary percussion were made with an Otari MTR-10 1/2-inch 2-track at 30 ips using the CLASP. All editing was done in Pro Tools. Final mixes were made through a Solid State Logic AWS - 924 analog console to the Otari 1/2-inch 2-track at 30 ips. Mastering for vinyl and all digital formats was   done by Scott Hull at Masterdisk in New York. Scott is one of a very few mastering engineers that still know how to master directly to the cutting lathe from a master tape. The vast majority of today's vinyl records are made from a digital master even if the final mix was done on tape. Not so with Bucket List!

Several months ago, Skip Burrows, Will Kennedy, and I, listened to the test pressings at Raman Buel's wonderful studio in Houston and it was an amazing experience. We could really hear the difference that all our attention to detail and Scott Hull's mastering job made and I think you will too if you decide to purchase the double-vinyl.  Jim Waller

Skip Burrows published an online article about the making of Bucket List in a forum called Gearspace. is one of the top forums for audio professionals and enthusiasts. It's a great place to post questions and read scholarly articles about all things audio. Here is a link to his very interesting article. It has two videos and some photos from the session which are also below. Remember to hit the back button on your browser to return.